AY Horsemanship

Taking your horse back to basics 

"Adam was calm, patient and straight away identified the areas that needed work to help me and my new horse, Lochy, form a relationship. We decided to go back to basics to help Lochy and I form a strong partnership. Fast forward a year, I have a happy, relaxed, strong, supple horse who loves his work. My confidence and bond with Lochy is growing daily. Adam is a fantastic horseman and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone."
Lochy's owner

Why choose AY Horsemanship?

Sometimes horses have had a difficult start in life or their job changes. I use horsemanship techniques to re-educate your horse to create a better relationship with you or to prepare them for their next career.

I work with a variety of horses including ex-race horses, dressage horses and young horses who have already been broken but not in a way where their needs were met. 

For a chat about how I could help your horse

What does the restarting process look like?

My process for restarting is similar to the journey young horses go on at AY Horsemanship. Using my proven horsemanship techniques I work your horse on the ground to ensure they are calm and relaxed. When we’re happy the groundwork phase has been accomplished, we move onto introducing the saddle and ridden scenarios.

Horses will learn to be tied up to ensure they’re comfortable standing quietly and alone. I also like exposing horses to different “spooky” objects to help them regulate their emotional reaction to unusual objects.

No matter what discipline your horse will go on to do, I make sure every horse is happy hacking out alone and in company by the end of their training with me.

My prices

Restarting prices below

p/w £ 300

Restarting livery

  • Full livery and training 5 days a week
  • Back to basics with groundwork, accepting a saddle and accepting a rider
  • Exposure to different objects and scenarios
from £ 40

Horsemanship lessons

  • £40 an hour from leaving my base in Wakefield to returning again
  • Yard visits offered on Mondays and Saturdays
  • Or £50 per hour for lessons at my yard in Wakefield