AY Horsemanship

Helping you and your horse get back on track

"Really can’t recommend Adam enough! He’s worked wonders with my feral pony that had a rough start, we now have a completely different pony that we can work with!"
Barney's owner

Why choose AY Horsemanship?

I strongly believe a horse displaying problems, such as biting, rearing, bucking or napping is a horse trying to communicate with you. These reactions are often attempts to get to you to listen.

If we can figure out what the horse is trying to tell us we can communicate back in a way they can understand. From there we can connect with them and a relationship can start to build.

Attunement to horses is "being seen, and heard, feeling felt and getting gotten." The end result is a calmer and centred partnership that can flourish.

What kind of horses do I work with?

If you've ever questioned how do you deal with a horse napping or maybe you're wondering how to fix your rearing horse? I can help. I have over 15 years of experience working with horses displaying behavioural problems such as bucking, rearing, spooking, napping or biting.

I have a toolbox of horsemanship skills that will help you and your horse move past the problems you're experiencing.

Depending on the problem, sometimes just one session is needed and sometimes it takes a few sessions to get your horse back on track.

For a chat about how I could help your horse

Where do we start?

Using horsemanship techniques, our sessions will start with me working your horse on the ground to understand where the problem is coming from. Once I am happy with the groundwork, if your horse is ridden we would then progress into the saddle. 

If your horse is a problem loader, please head this way.

I offer yard visits or lessons at my own yard in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. For more information on my prices, please see below: 

my prices

Problem horse training prices below

from £ 40

Lessons at your yard

  • £40 an hour from leaving my base in Wakefield to returning again
  • Yard visits offered on Mondays and Saturdays
  • Lessons roughly one hour, often longer depending on the problem presenting
from £ 50

Lessons at my yard

  • Great facilities including round pen and large indoor arena with sand surface
  • £50 p/h for 1 hour lessons
  • Safe hacking routes perfect to work with napping horses