Getting you and your horse on the road again

"Had Adam out to my boy this evening as I really needed help with loading. I could just about get him on the trailer by bribing him with food but then he would panic and fly off backwards. Adam quite honestly worked a miracle with him, by the end of the session my boy was happily walking on the trailer and standing calmly until asked to back off."
Teddy's owner

Why choose AY Horsemanship?

Travelling horses in a trailer or horsebox can be a stressful experience. But it doesn't have to be. I can work with you and your horse to make sure loading and travelling is a breeze. You can then hit the road and get out and about to have fun with your horse. 

Working together, we will look at how to solve horse loading issues including why a horse won't load in the first place. 

I also work with youngsters who are new to loading and travelling to make sure their first experiences are enjoyable and relaxed.

Want to load your horse calmly? Contact me

from £ 40

Lessons at your yard

  • £40 an hour from leaving my base in Wakefield to returning again
  • Yard visits offered on Mondays and Saturdays
  • How long a loading sessions take depends on the horse, I normally plan for around 2 hours for a problem loader
from £ 50

Lessons at my yard

  • £50 an hour
  • Large, accessible indoor sand arena providing a safe surface for the horse
  • If you have a horse that doesn't like loading to go home, this is a good way to practice while having me on hand

Need to hire horse transport?

I work with a number of reliable, reputable and experienced companies that offer horsebox hire or transport. When booking a lesson, please mention the need for transport and I can recommend a company near you.

Emergency loading assistance

Stranded and can't get your horse home? I understand that horses are horses and they like throwing curve balls our way. If able to, I will come out and help you load your horse so you can both get home safely. 

If you're in this situation please call me on 07795 624074

Case study

Glam's story

Glam wasn’t a fan of loading and struggled to even walk past horse boxes without reacting.
I worked with the mare on a rope halter from the ground, away from the trailer at first. This helped her to focus and follow directions. Once the prep work was completed, I progressed to helping her feel comfortable loading and standing on the box. After showing Lorna, the owner how to use the techniques, she had a go. In a short space of time, Lorna and Glam were walking on and off the box with no worries at all!