Welcome to AY Horsemanship

Horsemanship trainer based in Yorkshire

Welcome to AY Horsemanship

Horsemanship trainer based in Yorkshire

Welcome to AY Horsemanship

Horsemanship trainer passionate about helping you and your horse build a strong relationship

My name is Adam Yates, I am a horsemanship trainer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I help riders and owners build strong relationships with their horses. Using horsemanship techniques, I work with horses of all ages, disciplines and abilities. From young horses to advanced dressage horses, problem horses and horses that need a reset, I can help you achieve your goals on the ground and in the saddle. 

How I can help you

Young horses

If a horse can walk, it can learn. I specialise in young stock handling, groundwork for young horses and starting a horse under saddle.

AY horsemanship

Problem horses

Does your horse nap, rear, pull or bolt? Together we can work to give your horse the confidence to tackle whatever lies ahead.

AY horsemanship

Horse loading

Wish going out with your horse was a breeze? Horsemanship techniques can make your horse confident when loading and travelling.

AY Horsemanship

Lessons and clinics

I can travel to your yard for lessons or host them at my yard in Wakefield. I also hold regular horsemanship clinics and demos.

AY Horsemanship


I can help to re-educate your horse by going back to basics to prepare them for their new career and life with you.

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Want to know more?

What is horsemanship training?

Horsemanship is all about building the foundations for a strong relationship on the ground and into the saddle. It is based around the horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication to ensure the horse does not learn through fear or pain. Through horsemanship techniques, they learn through pressure and release while we, on the ground, educate ourselves to be aware of how they are communicating to us.

Connection is a large part of horsemanship training and I help owners and riders improve their relationship with their horse. For example if your horse is objecting – bucking rearing, napping, the likelihood is they are trying to tell you something. These reactions are often attempts to get you to listen. To horses, it’s a form of communication. If we can figure out what the horse is trying to tell us, we can communicate back in a way they can understand. From there we can connect with them and a relationship can build. The end result is a calmer and centred partnership that can flourish.

This is horsemanship.

Testimonials. Source: Google Business Reviews

Customer feedback

"Adam did an amazing job of reschooling my horse after a bad illness. He took him right back to basics and it was a pleasure to watch my horse improve so quickly with Adam's kindness and amazing schooling. His calm and tested methods worked wonders!"


Linda Whiteley

"Adam trained my filly and began her ridden career. Watching the progress was magical. Adam was always calm and fair. She understood and was gently brought on. I am in awe of Adam and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs guidance with their horse."

Young Horse

Rachel Fielder

"Had to call Adam out on a bank holiday to come rescue us at a busy park and he had her on 5 times in the space of about 20 mins and helped me load her too. Couldn’t recommend Adam enough, he stayed calm even when she tested his patience."

Problem loader

Niamh Staniland

"I have used Adam for a number of training issues; loading, picking feet up, mounting, tacking up, plus groundwork to help my mare become more flexible and light in my hand. I always come away with a positive attitude and my mare is happy and relaxed."

Problem solving

Sarah Langley


See my prices below

p/h from £ 40

Horsemanship Lessons

  • Groundwork or ridden
  • Horses of any age 
  • Variety of disciplines
  • £40 p/h for a return trip from leaving my yard in Wakefield. Or £50 p/h for lessons at my yard
p/w £ 200

Young horses - pre-starting

  • Groundwork
  • Preparation for backing
  • Full livery and training
  • Minimum of 4 - 6 week stay recommended to cover all the basics involved in pre-starting a young horse
p/w £ 300

Starting and Retraining

  • Groundwork and into saddle work
  • Backing and riding away
  • Includes going out hacking
  • Average of 12 weeks to cover all the steps involved in starting
from £ 35

Rope Halters and Flags

  • Custom made rope halters and lead rope
  • Hand knotted with sturdy nylon rope
  • Horsemanship flags with carbon fibre pole
  • Great training tool

AY Horsemanship is fully insured for combined liability (policy displayed at the yard). Owners looking to send their horses to me for training are advised to have public liability insurance in place too.